10 EntrepreneursVirtual assistants are invaluable resources that will free up your time as an entrepreneur.  All sorts of administrative tasks can be handled, from making appointments and inbox management to WordPress updates and newsletter creation. Some virtual assistants are said to be generalists while others actually specialize in particular lines of work such as website development or graphic design.

Many successful entrepreneurs are now using the services of virtual assistants to grow their businesses and create a life of less stress, and more flexibility.  

Here are 10 successful entrepreneurs who use virtual assistants to grow their businesses:

Tim Ferris

As the author of the bestselling book,  The 4-Hour Work Week, Tim is a successful entrepreneur who believes that hiring Virtual Assistant (a.k.a. VA) can help you clear clutches on your email inbox. He found this task to be unproductive and time-consuming so he delegates inbox management to a VA who takes this burden off of his shoulders.

Pat Flynn

The man behind Smart Passive Income wants to keep his efforts as passive as possible and according to him, using a VA helps him earn more. He said that the secret in using a VA is for entrepreneurs to concentrate on tasks that give them the highest return, and delegate the low earning tasks to a virtual assistant.

Michael Hyatt

This author and thought leader has used virtual assistants for quite some time. He said that hiring a VA effectively helps in reducing expenses. Getting a VA is a cost effective option of handling daunting tasks. The costs are worth it, especially if you consider what most entrepreneurs are making per hour when focusing on what they do best.

Tyrone Shum

He is an expert digital marketing manager and video blogger who said that hiring a virtual assistant is highly beneficial especially in terms of working on video blogging tasks. He also said that you do not really need to master video editing; most virtual assistants can handle this and it has freed up his time tremendously.

David Risley

David Risley’s rags to riches story inspires many people. From being a janitor to a successful online entrepreneur, he teaches individuals how to succeed with just a computer and a brilliant idea. He admitted that he ended up with such success when he hired a virtual assistant.

Ryan Lee

He is also one of the many serial entrepreneurs who managed to turn his business into a multi-million dollar worth of empire. He promotes that he is using a virtual assistant and this helps him increase long-term revenue.

Ramit Sethi

He is the well-known author of I Will Teach You To Be Rich, and a successful entrepreneur using a VA to save his time effectively for personal interests. Ramit Sethi revealed that using virtual assistants, and utilizing systematic approaches to work, has been the best investment he ever made.

Cody McKibben

Cody McKibben is an individual who knows how to live life outside the box. Aside from being a successful entrepreneur, he is also an influential speaker showing and teaching people how to live internet lifestyle.  VAs help him live the dream of virtual work and the freedom that offers him.

Matt Wolfe

He believes that getting some help from a VA to achieve your business goals can only help. He lets his assistant handle research and customer support while he focuses on other important things like promoting and marketing his business.

James Schramko

James delegates tasks that he does not really want to perform himself. As a successful speaker and podcaster, using a VA has helped him establish a team that can handle and manage his business despite his absence.

What about you?  Are you an entrepreneur who has gained freedom and increased profits by outsourcing tasks to a virtual assistant?  If not, what’s holding  you back. Leave a comment and let me know!

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